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Training Institute NONONS

I'm one of NONONS' head trainers for the Coach Intensive (Accreditation: Practioner Niveau, NOBCO), Career Coach Course and Coach Expert (Accreditation: Senior Practitioner Niveau, NOBCO).

NONONS is the training institute if you want to (learn to) coach effectively and confidently. Since 2007, they have been offering accredited coaching courses in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for novice and experienced coaches and for managers who want to provide coaching leadership. The courses are both practical and theoretical.

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“When you can act from your strength, you can get more out of life in a relaxed way. I am only the facilitator.That process is fragile, powerful and magical and it is a privilege to be involved in it. It makes me happy.”

Maarten Gulickx

what others say about my style of training

The coaching golden combi
"The special combination of great empathy combined with a very pragmatic attitude characterizes his style. I found this to be the golden combination for pleasant communication. Quiet and soft underneath, then playful or energetic when the situation calls for it."

The trainer trains
"Maarten has been a trainer for NONONS for years. He is both warm and sharp-witted, and with pure observation skills, Maarten likes to bring clarity and put his finger on the pain points, growing the coaches while training. You know you’re in good hands if your coach trains other coaches.”

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There is room for reflection and analysis during the training. The tools that were given to me gave me clarity on my feelings and made me aware how to deal with situations and stimulants. 
Suze van Miltenburg training "it comes from within"
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