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So why a coach?
Are you sometimes your own worst enemy? Want to find the space to deal with complicated thoughts and situations? Want to know how to set boundaries or how to learn to deal better with burnout complaints or stressful situations? Or are you looking for more insight, overview and structure as a person, entrepreneur or organisation? You don't have to do everything alone anymore because I’m here and I’d like to help with personal, career or business questions.

Make sweet music
You are searching for something, look at it as your own future music score that will let you dance through life once again. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, it will take new insights and action to grow further. But sometimes there is a lack of clarity to link action to feelings of unrest or friction. If this is the case coaching is a good decision for you.

Move forward with coaching

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Coaching is for anyone who wants to move forward. I specialize in:

  • Individuals with complaints around feeling impeded
  • People from the creative and cultural sector
  • People with career issuesEntrepreneurs and managers
  • Organisations that want to facilitate their employees in growth and development

Be at more peace
A coaching trajectory helps you to make more conscious choices and grow into a healthier you. You learn to define even better who you are and what’s important to you. It offers insight and an overview with which to develop yourself with. The catch? There really isn’t one: find much more peace and balance.

Find the best version of you
Learn to live with your fears without them hindering you. Define your own boundaries and act more assertively, which in turn will make you less dependent on others. Investigate the next step in your career based on your talents, values ​​and dreams. These are all aspects of why coaching can really help you forward.


"Maarten helped me to pursue my dreams. I learned to look straight at my fears and doubts and not avoid them. It is a process in which I dare to dream myself getting bigger and bigger through positivity."
Priscilla Vaudelle, founder Lost Project foundation personal coaching
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