Michael Jordan or Axl Rose

Michael Jordan or Axl Rose, that's who I wanted to be when I was little. I became anything but basketball greatness or an all-singing-and-screaming rockstar. Above all, I simply became happy in what I do and how I live my life. Fortunately for me, because through this I found out for myself how important it is to know your own core values ​​and to live from there. But also how important it is to show your own vulnerability. My childhood was happy and carefree, I played basketball fanatically and made a lot of music. Early on I loved giving everyone advice to help them move forward, but I found out that this isn’t the way to go: Do I want to be a superman, that ultimate savior or do I want to learn what it is that a person needs and then explore wether I can be of any help? As you might understand by now…it’s the latter. Strength lies in the questions, questions like: "What do YOU ​​need?"

my professional roots
In 2003 I started as an entrepreneur; first as a manager in the music industry and later as a programmer and artistic director for several stages in music, theater, dance and comedy. My move toward being a business leader and interim director for small and medium cultural institutions was an organic move I made with my own use of a financial coach. I was ultimately responsible for business organization within the cultural sector in the fields of music, theater, visual arts and design.

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In the movie Creed, Rocky trains the son of his former opponent, Apollo Creed. The man moves in with him. The first morning he wakes up at half past four in the morning by the sounds of a song by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes: “Wake up everybody….” Rocky dances off beat while he fries eggs to start the training day. For me, the essence of that song is also the essence of coaching. "It's up to you and me to make this world a better place." That song touched me deeply. So I sat in the cinema watching Sylvester Stallone of all people, bopping on-beat to the music, tears running down my cheeks with emotion.

essentials and credentials

Certificaten TP FINAL

How I keep growing and learning myself

Annually I continue my own development by following courses. I followed the Coach Intensive and Coach Expert Education at NONONS amongst others. These are NOBCO/EMCC EQA accredited educations. By NOBCO standards I have the accreditation Senior Practitioner Level. I’m a registered trainer via the CRKBO.


"Maarten is a man to be trusted. Someone to help you grow. A coach to love."
Lies Aris, founder Storyshop
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