business coaching for Watershed

Service:Coaching and consultancy for the creative industries
Client:Watershed, platform for writers
Assignment:offer clarity and structure on vision, entrepreneurship and strategy.

Today the role of the writer is being redefined. The days when literary artists sought value only within the bindings of a book have passed as the world is now interdisciplinary in nature.

Today’s writers are seen on festival stages, in podcasts, theatres, comics, transmedia storytelling and beyond. The reach of the disciple is more integral today than ever before, writers are defining the narrative.

However, the current system has not caught up with the writers of today. They are lost in the old-fashioned vision, the belief that the talent is a birthright, that success is defined by book sales, and that the story is owned by the few. Watershed breaks with this vision makes literary artists of today visible, more engaged, connected and continuously developing.

Watershed supports this vision by creating diverse and dynamic podiums, events and workshops for amateur talents, internationally geared intensives and opportunities to network and connect with multiple disciplines to further the reach of writers.

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