business coaching for Madeleine Sars Photography

Service:business coaching
Client:Madeleine Sars, Photographer
Assignment:coaching to create clarity on strategy and vision and to translate the outcome into a plan of action.


Ilove telling short stories in my photography. Where I can, I’ll drop in some subtle humor as well.

I’m at my best when I get to work with people, preferably in their ‘natural habitat’. I find meaning in shooting photo series for foundations, for example to portray people with a ‘health theme’. I won’t emphasize someone’s disabilities; I’ll find a way to tell both an honest and courageous story. A glimpse into their lives will bring a picture to life.

Alongside of these foundations, I thrive on working with ambitious people that embrace their passions and talents. I dance around those who allow themselves to be vulnerable. I get a kick out of pig-headed minds and those who are ‘on a mission’. And lets not forget to celebrate the real life artists and shiners.

I myself am a little bit of everything mentioned above.

I graduated in 2007 at the St. Joost academy in Breda with a major in photography. After that, I immediately founded Madeleine Sars Photography.

In the following years I surrounded myself with an elaborate network of models, make-up artists, stylists and designers. I love collaborating with various driven and ambitious professionals who are in its broadest sense linked to photography.

Most of my personal work is captured on black and white roll film. I just love the language this medium speaks. Some of the ‘personal projects’ I’m currently working on:
1. The past 3 years I’ve been creating a book with a very personal theme, a long and exciting road.
2. In collaboration with a filmmaker, I’m also travelling all over the world to shoot a series of photos. For now, I’m going to remain mysterious about this project. We'll update you as soon as we can.
3. And last, but definitely not least; I’m working on a project about people with Multiple Scleroses.

Next to photography I have a fascination for travelling. At the age of 16, I decided to broaden my horizon. I went to Australia to live in Sydney for 3 months. During my photography study I visited Turkey several times, among which Bursa and I stayed in Istanbul for a month to do a photography project about ‘youngsters in Istanbul’. After this, I got hungry for more. So photography projects followed in: Jamaica, California, New York, Cape Town, Paris, Milan, Dublin, Berlin and Vietnam. During all these travels I explored beyond the touristy routes to spend a lot of time with the locals to satisfy my curiosity of people, their culture and nationality, thoughts, fascinations, motivations and boundaries.

Please don’t forget to browse around the website.
I can talk about photography for hours, but prefer to let my work speak for itself.

Mr Gulickx (en), Zelfportret Madeleine Sars