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Assignment:offer clarity and structure on vision, strategy, business and finances.
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Dogrelate is the key for a fulfilling human – dog relationship, for humans and dogs at any age.

To relate to your dog, you need to enter into the instinctual world of your dog. By doing this, you achieve a better understanding of your ‘best friend’, which gives you both a better quality of life together.

Dogrelate teaches you to understand and respond to your dog’s behavior. You become your dog’s ‘sanctuary’. The social bond you create with your furry friend makes your dog feel safe, social and confident in his environment.

Dogrelate shows you how to teach your dog rules, boundaries & limitations and so that he becomes a physically & mentally balanced dog. A calm dog is a happy dog who behaves socially towards other people & dogs.

Dogrelate are experts in understanding dogs' behavior and the underlying causes of how they react. With each dog we rehabilitate, we start by looking for the warning signs of unwanted behaviour such as excitement, restlessness, anxiety or aggression caused by stress, over- or under stimulation. We find the root cause of the problematic behaviour and then rehabilitate the dog back into his natural state. We show you how to start and maintain a balanced and healthy relationship.

Dogrelate’s founder and certified dog behavior therapist, Ulrike has worked with one of the World’s leading dog behavioural experts, ‘The Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan. Her expertise and understanding of dogs makes you and your dogs' experience atDogrelate a rewarding one.

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