persoonlijke coaching en business coaching voor YAGOY, yoga studios

Dienst:Persoonlijke coaching. Business Coaching
client:Yagoy. Yoga instituut met meerdere studios in Amsterdam
Opdracht:persoonlijke coaching en sparringpartner op strategisch, zakelijk en financieel vlak

I met Maarten in our yoga studio while I was juggling with a lot of initiatives, spread over my thoughts and a hectic time horizon. People, time and tasks to be managed and find a place of peace that I could not find on my own at that time. I was in deep need of hands on structure and realistic goal setting. We sat down twice and through his sharp and insightful listening and questions he managed to place himself in my shoes and lift the chaos into manageable reality. I think his main skill is being fully engaged with enough distance to help you figure out what should come first; and to show you that what seems impossible is possible if you really want it, and he helps you get there. Expect no heavy discussions but moments of deep thinking and visulaizing pro's con's. He has a positive attitude towards problem solving and growth and his support truly helped me! Narges Lotfi, Eigenaar Yagoy.

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