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business coaching for entrepreneurs / freelancers

I am part of the Nonons coaching institute. If by any chance my agenda is fully booked I am happy to suggest other coaches. We have a divers group of top coaches so that we'll always find the perfect fit for you.

why coaching?

1. To be able to focus on the horizon. A good long-term strategy takes time and focus, but is necessary for sustainable growth and development.
2. It helps to create the right work-life balance.
3. It gives you a plan of action that allows you to profile and position yourself better within your services or products.
4. Get an objective sparring partner. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, sometimes it’s nice to discuss ideas and situations with an objective outsider.
5. Find more control over the cash flow and financial overview.
6. Often there are also personal matters affecting your business, so it’s nice to have a coach who can handle both business and personal matters.

het traject verloopt via 5 stappen

  1. 1


    We start with the defining your goal. A clear goal consists of four elements. It is: attractive, urgent, measurable and achievable.

  2. 2


    What are the obstacles standing in between you and your goal? Why is it that you haven't managed to reach the goal by yourself.

  3. 3


    we explore the best strategy to reach your goal by approaching it from either a business or a personal point of view. spoiler alert... most of the time it's a combination of both.

  4. 4

    planning & control

    in between sessions is where the magic happens and were you put in most of the work. During the sessions we'll monitor that progress. What did you do, what did it bring you, does it have an effect on your goal, what is the next step?

  5. 5


    A coaching trajectory ends when you've reached your goal or when you've built the foundations for you to achieve your goal yourself.

It’s a valuable investment

Especially in busy times, daily issues can quickly take over. Creating the time and space to create an overview and gain insights into your business pays off. When things come to a halt, in times of crisis, investing in coaching is smart because it pulls you out of the anxiety and shows you new possibilities.

‘Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.’ Timothy Gelway

Kosten & disclaimer

The intake is free of charge and without obligation. On average, six sessions are required. The session rate is €150 (incl VAT) for individuals, the rate for companies who offer coaching to their employees is €250 ex VAT. NONONS has a special non-profit rate for the non-profit and cultural sector.

A scheduled intake or coaching session can be cancelled or moved up until two working days in advance. After this, session is still charged.

Inspiration mail


“Maarten has made a distinctive impact on the success of my company. As a coach, Maarten has had a tremendous impact on my growth and success. Both personally and professionally."
Arvid Silos, owner ABOSS, business and personal coaching
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