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coaching in conflicts

In my studio in Amsterdam West or via videocall.

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Growing pains:Your company is growing and changing yet so are the responsibilities and functions, this is often not an easy combination or transition.
Commitment struggle: “One person feels he/she deserves more money, power, control, shares, valuation than the other.”
Life happens: it is no longer just you and your business, there are kids, a mortgage.
Financial stress: Or maybe you are experiencing stress in cash flow and other money related issues.

This leads to tension
Tensions are like a mountain with snow, everything can easily start snowballing. With powerlessness and non-communication at the bottom of that mountain. Tensions can lead to:
A non-functioning relationship between you and your co-responsible parties
Exodus from your best staff
Conflicts with stakeholders
Forced departure from one of the owners
And even liquidating the company.

The upside... this can be avoided.

In four phases we go from hopeless and destructive to fertile and constructive.

  1. 1

    past, present, future

    Quick scan of the past, the current situation and the future in terms of personal ambition and vision, or that of the company.

  2. 2


    Quick scan around the communication between owners and communication within the company.

  3. 3


    Insights, tips, tricks, training and tools to improve communication. This is done through methodologies such as Transactional Analysis and Non-violent Communication.

  4. 4


    Clarity and overview, enabling the right choices to change the situation.

costs & disclaimer

The first intake is free and without obligation. On average, 6 sessions of 1 hour are required.
You can choose multiple sessions in 1 day or spread over a period of time.The session rate is € 150 ex VAT for two people and € 200 ex VAT for three or more people.
A scheduled intake or coaching session can be cancelled or moved up until two working days in advance. After this, the session is still charged.

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"Maarten also coaches in difficult situations, so that they go from hopeless and destructive to fertile and constructive."
Naomi, co-owner branding agency
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