business coaching for Misty Mountain

Service:Business Coaching
Client:Misty Mountain, Photo prints of Scandinavian landscapes
Assignment:offer clarity and structure on vision, entrepreneurship and strategy
Mr Gulickx (en), Ursula Jernberg Norway

In today’s extremely hectic society there is an undeniable absence of stillness resulting from the constant flow of internal and external noise. Moreover we increasingly connect and communicate with one another in a digital way, causing us to seriously lose connection to ourselves. What we therefore desperately need is some time away from all the hussle and bussle, some time to ourselves, spent in absolute stillness, to be able to connect, reflect and just be.

Misty Mountain’s photo prints of breathtaking, serene Scandinavian landscapes will help you, in an innovative, easy, and relatively inexpensive way, create that desired splash of absolute calm and stillness in your home, your office, or any place you want to. Misty Mountain was founded by Ursula Jernberg.

Ursula Jernberg was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Whilst researching her family tree back in 2010, she uncovered her ancestral Norwegian roots. Intrigued by and excited about this discovery, she decided to travel to Norway in the summer of that same year. During this trip she developed an intrinsic fascination and love for the country and its culture; she has since come to feel the same for Scandinavia as a whole.

Ursula Jernberg studied Photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (NL). Her photography aims to study the influence external factors have on the creation of one’s own identity.

Mr Gulickx (en), Ursula Jernberg