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Service:coaching & consultancy for the creative industries
Assignment:offer clarity and structure on vision, strategy, business and finances.

Eboman investigates the possibilities opened up by the medium of sampling. This has led to the development – with a team of technicians – of two advanced software packages in his studio: a professional video sampler SenS and an advanced video sampler for children Senna. Eboman uses SenS in his interactive live performances (among other applications). The way Eboman is able during these performances to include video of the audience – recorded live during the performance by cutting up, modifying and mixing the images and sound in 3D – is unique. To do this, he makes use of his SenSorSuit, literally a suit fitted with sensors, which enables him to control the advanced options offered by SenS in real time, using his body movements. Eboman also uses SenS to produce experimental audio-visual sample compositions. The general public is invited to get involved in this process through the website where everyone can help Eboman collect interesting video samples. Eboman plays the resulting compositions as DVJ in clubs and at festivals in an explosive, danceable new mix. The collective name for all of Eboman’s work is Sample madnesS.

Eboman has been professionally active since 1995, and since then has built up an international reputation as a pioneer in the areas of video sampling and real-time video manipulation. His work has brought him a wide range of awards, including the BV Pop Prijs, the NPS Cultuurprijs, the Edison/Silver Harp, various Dance Awards, two TMF Award nominations and a Webby Award.